HR Consulting, Small Business, and HR Outsourcing Services

Alliance Resources offers a range of best practice solutions that aim to strengthen your business, including HR consulting, small business consulting, and HR outsourcing. We understand that, in today’s business world, companies face challenges and deadlines like never before. The need to maintain a “lean and mean” workforce and do more with less has led many organizations to outsource key staff functions.

Offering a variety of HR consulting services and solutions, Alliance Resources has earned a reputation for our genuine, empathetic, and credible interpersonal style that engenders trust, strengthens relations, and builds cross-function cooperation. With our help, we explore the needs of your organization, identify the key components necessary for success, and work within your organization’s culture to achieve your goals.

Best Practice Solutions

We offer proactive and leading-edge access to best practice HR solutions for organizations of all sizes, from small business to Fortune 500 companies, across a wide range of industries and business sectors. We provide companies of all sizes with project and outsourcing management to leverage the talent of their HR and leadership teams.

In addition to HR solutions, we can assist in creating training and development programs that allow employees to reach their fullest potential. With a wide range of experience in creating employee handbooks, management training materials, and employee policies and procedures, you can be confident that we will work to ensure that your organization is operating at maximum efficiency.

Small Business Strategies

Alliance Resources is your HR partner, we are passionate about small business and helping you focus on your business’ strategies. Whether you need short or long-term support, we have broad and deep experience to help you. We offer tailored support by the hour, by the month, or by project. We support and build your HR team and infrastructure as your business needs expand.

HR Consulting & Management Consulting

Alliance Resources offers project management, human resource, and management consulting approaches that drive business results across a large industry and client base. We also have extensive experience in providing on-site HR management and support, helping to assist clients through transitionary periods or on a long-term basis in all facets of human resource management.

Employee Relations

Promoting a positive employee work environment and encouraging accountability in the workplace recognizes the importance of fair and consistent employee relations practices as they relate to your management practices and company culture. Alliance Resources builds breadth and depth with your team by creating, aligning, and supporting management initiatives that are fair and compliant.

Alliance Resources also offers employment management services to assist organizations in meeting their staffing objectives. With the ability to coordinate job fairs, interviews with qualified candidates, and pre-employment background screening, we have gained a reputation for providing thorough, effective employment services in a diverse range of industries.

Total Rewards

Creating a total rewards strategy is paramount to helping you attract the right talent, retain that talent, and help engage your team now and in the future. Alliance Resources has a wealth of experience when it comes to collaborating with management to design and implement effective rewards strategies that support your business strategy, recognize the care and value of your employees, and reinforce your competitive differentiators and philosophy.

These services include assessment, design, execution, and evaluation for a wide array of strategies for compensation, benefits, recognition, work-life quality and career development.

Surveys & Tools

Alliance Resources designs and administers leading-edge surveys and management tools to obtain views of your employees, teams, and leadership. The aim of these tools is to reveal important insights about perceptions that management can use to focus on continuous improvement and strategic communications. These tools and insights include:

  • Employee opinion
  • Structure interview survey
  • Culture assessment
  • Employee engagement
  • Exit interview
  • Stay interview
  • Front line supervisor interview
  • Morale indicator
  • Policy and practice survey
  • Stay or modified stay/succession interview for HR team members

We focus on creating a common platform for the assessment process that allows you to establish a baseline and then update and measure on a regular, cyclical basis. This process allows you to keep the communication flowing and to explore and address key issues in depth that align best management practices within your company.